CatClamp Heavy Duty Commercial Security Kit #CCHDC450400400-16x6

CatClamp Heavy Duty Commercial Security Kit #CCHDC450400400-16x6
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  • Item #: CCHDC450400400-16x6


•The best catalytic converter security system money can buy, proved 99.9% effective for over 5 years.
• Use Recommended by United States Department of Justice, registered Secured by Design/Sold Secure Gold standard product in the UK.
• Triple clamp kit protects both catalytic converter and DPF on 4” OD diesel exhaust system.
• 100% stainless steel construction for exceptional durability and longevity. 
• 96’ of extra heavy duty 3/8”-10mm aircraft grade stainless steel wire rope.
• Stainless steel wire rope is very, very difficult to cut quickly with portable tools, universal design attaches to durable portion of the chassis/frame up to seven times.
• Heavy duty 3/8” stainless steel tamperproof bolts with installation tool.
• Additional bolt protection limits access to bolts.
• Award winning, patented design clamps to exhaust pipes, not the converter, allowing heat to dissipate normally and avert damage to fragile internal components of the converter.
• Lifetime limited money back guarantee.
• Made in the USA


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